Kids Forced to Eat up Everything on Their Plate Risk Obesity

American pediatricians warn that parents should not force their kids to necessarily eat a full serving from the plate. The experts say that such behavior can unwittingly cause obesity in children.


Nutritionists at the University of Minnesota have made this conclusion after observing 3,500 parents and 2,200 teenagers. The scientists have discovered that the children, whose parents forced them to eat up all the food from the plate, faced the biggest risk of gaining unwanted pounds. The scientists believe that after getting used to such a scheme, the child loses sensitivity to the signals of overeating that come from the body. The children begin to overeat regularly and gain excess weight. In addition, the babies who are fed by force are much more likely to suffer from neuroses and fears in the future.

The study has revealed quite a few interesting facts. As it turned out, children’s portions have grown a bit in the last decade, and it is father rather than mother who uses force more often to make the children eat.

For little children, eating should be a pleasure. Child psychologists believe that there is nothing wrong in the situation when parents have to tell a story or read a book to their child to make him/her eat. This is better than forcing them to eat with a belt in hand. Do not forget that children are characterized by increased mobility, and sometimes they just can not sit in one position for a long time. An interesting story or reading will help them calm down and focus their thoughts on food.

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