Kid’s Talents Depend on Mother’s Hormone Levels

Babies are born genius mathematicians or artists because of the mother’s hormonal balance during pregnancy.

Kids Drawing

Professor Martin Mrazik, a specialist in developmental psychology from the University of Alberta (USA), has conducted a research, which brings the debate about the nature of geniuses on a new level. According to the scientist, this phenomenon has a biological nature: excessive prenatal testosterone stimulates more intensive formation of connections in the brain, especially in the right frontal lobe of the cortex. These conclusions are motivated by the clinical research involving talented people.

According to the doctor, what we can see today with the help of modern technologies, including MRI, gives grounds to assume that talent is more than genetics or the appropriate environment.

This study contributes to undermining the idea of ​​the importance of early development. By analogy, professor Mrazik suggests that lack of cognitive ability is also determined inside the womb. In particular, it results from the lack of natural testosterone levels. However, the scientist is convinced that one needs more research. Artificial introduction of testosterone is unlikely to be sufficient.

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