Kids Timex T72881 Wristwatch Review

One of the things that help pre-teens and teens feel and look older is a wristwatch. A carefully chosen watch makes an excellent gift from a parent or a relative to the younger generation. Get a classic design watch with a fetching pattern, and you’re fixed with a good present for any occasion, even more so since it is unisex, and the kid will be happy to be singled out by such an accessory!


What the Shade Station offers you in watches is probably the cream of the crop. It’s by Timex Group, the company which (in one form or another) has been around for a century and half – what they don’t know about watches isn’t worth knowing. Ladies’ timepieces, military ones, Mickey Mouse ones – they’ve done them all through the Depression and wars. No need to look further.

Consider, for instance, this Timex T72881 watch with the distinctive lizard pattern on the strap. Apart from the attractive looks, it boasts an indigo night light dial, is water resistant and carries a 2-year guarantee. What a shame we didn’t have one like this when we were at school. This cute Timex Kids watch, and others like it, are available at Shade Station in October.


Want the kid to look more modern? Pick Timex Ironkids with a digital face and quite a hardcorish appearance. More romantic kind? The flower-patterned Timex T89002 4E will do just fine. But first check out the best seller – Timex Kids Analog in the winning pink. Get your child time-wise with a Timex at Shade Station and make a fashion statement!


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