Late Birth Contributes to Longevity

Specialists at Boston University found a direct relationship between birth age and the duration of women’s lives: those who gave birth in their forties had more chances to live to 95. The presence of children born earlier did not matter.


To reach this conclusion, U.S. researchers analyzed data on 551 families of long-lived people. They found that those women, who became mothers at the age of 33, lived longer than their peers who gave birth before 30.

In his article published on the website of the Menopause medical journal, Dr. Thomas Perls, the author of the research, noted they did nor urge anyone to have children later, they just revealed an amazing fact.

Perls suggests that the very ability of women to conceive after 30 reflects a good condition of the reproductive system as well as a slow aging process.

The expert said that continuous fertility is genetically determined, and women who decided to give birth late are likely to transfer this feature to the next generation.

The scientist believes that the discovery sheds light on the question of why more women live to a hundred years than men do.

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