Laundry Takes Moms Five Months in Eighteen Years

A study involving 4,400 mothers concluded that doing the laundry takes full five months out of their lives before their kids turn eighteen.


The study was conducted by, whose spokesperson pointed out that mothers do not exaggerate when they complain of time-consuming chores to be done around the house.

“All mums will tell you they spend their entire life doing the laundry and they’re right, it is a staggering amount of time.”
The average time spent on preparing clothes for washing and getting them out of the machine and replacing them into the wardrobe when they are done comes up to 26 minutes, what with rummaging about the house for carelessly dropped underwear or turning out the pockets for things that shouldn’t go to the washing machine

If the mistress of your home goes through the motions six days a week, it sums up to two hours and 36 minutes. Ironing the clean stuff adds another 55 minutes a week, which rolls up to 183 hours each year.

That’s how it comes about that each child keeps his or her mom five months seeing about the laundry until he or she is 18 years old. And that is before we counted in the husband!

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