Lying Child Will Become Successful In Life

Canadian scientists have made a surprising claim that the earlier your child learns how to lie, the more successful he or she will be as an adult, The Psychological Science reports.


During the period of more than twenty years, researchers studied over 1,000 of children aged between 2 and 16 years old and concluded that almost everybody lies. Just 20 percent of four year olds actually fib, but from that age on the number of liars soars to 90 percent. By 12, all children can lie, but at 16 the figure drops to 70 percent.

But the most curious conclusion was that kids who started lying to their parents when they were just 2 years old would become successful adults holding high-flying positions or making good money by the time the experiment ended (20 years later).

The study authors say that lying skills indicate a smart brain. The complex brain activity is involved in making a lie, and the more convincing your child’s lies are, the better intelligence he or she has. Therefore, once children start lying they are actually shifting to a higher level of their mental development.

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