Male Pill Is on the Way

Contraceptive pills for men had been under development for a long time until the researchers from Columbia University (USA) finally announced the completion of the work in the nearest future.

Doctor, pills

The new drug temporarily stops sperm production not having a long-term impact on male fertility. It is enough to stop taking it, and spermatogenesis will quickly return to its norm. The action of the pills is based on a complex mechanism in which the male body ceases to recycle vitamin A that is responsible for sperm production. Unlike previous versions of these contraceptives, this pill does not reduce the level of the principal male sex hormone testosterone and does not contain steroids.

The experiments on rodents have not revealed any side effects; the scientists hope to conduct tests on human volunteers in the next few years after which the new drug can be registered and put on sale.

Source of the image: Photl.

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