Men Feel Baby’s Movements with Huggies Pregnancy Belt

Men have never been able to really and truly understand how women feel during pregnancy, and some of them are apt to believe women make out it is more painful and burdensome than it is to draw more sympathy to themselves. Why not share some of these sensations with the father? It may get him more ready for future employment of Naroo Persoanl Baby Assistant, Huggies TweetPee, and other devices.


Idle talk away, there is a chance now for men to feel how it is! Here’s a new pregnancy belt, developed by Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, that can transmit the baby’s movements in the belly so that the parents can feel when the baby moves around and kicks.

For the time being these belts are not billed for production, but do you think they ought to be?

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