Microsoft Certification Exam Training Materials

Some young moms start working early after giving birth, some do it later. After the pregnancy and nursing break some of us need extra preparation for the job, such as exam training, since some skills get lost when not used. For those, who are planning to go on working in the IT sphere, there are some useful tips below.

Very few of us are skilled enough to ace a Microsoft cert exam based on our work experience alone. We all would benefit from supplementing our work experience with training courses that correspond directly to the specific technology that we are seeking to become an expert in. As we progress through our Microsoft certification training, we should also take full advantage of the training materials offered to us through our courses as well as exam tutorials such as Testslive. Below we’ll look at some effective uses to maximize our preparation.

Structured Study Time

Any preparation should involve planning, particularly in the subject areas that you are not as knowledgeable about. One of the first things you should do early in your preparation process is to do a baseline practice run using your Testslive exam simulation so that you can receive immediate feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.

Practice Your Weaknesses

Once you have feedback on the questions you answered correctly and those you missed, you can focus more intently on the items that were of particular difficulty. Through memorization and interactive study, you will make gains in these weaker areas while reinforcing the concepts you are comfortable with. Studying using a variety of modalities will benefit you the most. This includes reviewing the information by hearing it, seeing it, verbalizing it to others, and by applying the concepts to practical situations.

Final Checkpoint

As your Microsoft certification exam nears, you should once again take another practice test run with the Testslive tutorial. Since you will be practicing with real exam questions covering concepts that you’ve been studying, you will be able to gauge your progress and readiness as your actual Microsoft exam approaches.


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