Mother’s Age Affects Child’s Intellect

A study was conducted in the United Kingdom that lasted for 11 years. It was aimed at finding a connection between mother’s age and mental capacity of the child.


The scientists watched two hundred families and found that the children of young mothers were not characterized by a high level of intelligence. The experts blame stress: the women, who become mothers before the age of 22 years, usually do not plan to have children so early.

42% of the women, who gave birth to children between 15 and 18 years, had a prenatal depression (it was diagnosed in 36% of women who became mothers at the age of 19-22 years).

In addition, experts noted narrow-mindedness of the students, born to young mothers. The IQ of these children was below average. At the same time, 19.4% of them had emotional problems with peers or teachers. The same problem was observed in 23.2% of the children born to mothers aged 19-22 years. Meanwhile, the children of independent adult women had a different behavior: they were well-behaved in the company of peers, and only 9 % of them received comments from the teachers.

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