Mozart’s Music Promotes Weight Gain in Premature Babies

Mozart’s music promotes faster weight gain in immature babies and makes them stronger. The fact was established by experiments conducted at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.


Twenty babies who were born pre-term were divided into two groups. The first group listened to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 30 minutes per day, while the other group listened to no music at all.

Researchers used a Mozart sonata for the experiment, because, back in 1993, the study of college students found that listening to the composer’s sonata improved their scores on the spatial-temporal reasoning tests. This phenomenon was dubbed Mozart effect.

The experiment revealed the babies from the first group were calmer and their metabolism slowed after listening to the music. Lower metabolism in infants suggests that less energy is spent on growing so babies gain on weight faster.

Researchers can’t say how exactly the music affects infants. Despite narrow sampling, the researchers think their findings are statistically substantial. Now they set their mind on finding whether this effect relates to music in general. Supposedly, the same effect could be surprisingly harnessed out of rap music that has a tempo-rhythmical structure similar to Mozart’s music.

Previous studies showed music may reduce stress in premature babies, slow down the pulse and boost the oxygen inflow.

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