New Stuttering Treatment Method

The experts from Beijing Normal University (China) suggest a new method of dealing with stuttering. They believe that reprogramming the brain – the part that is responsible for speech functions – can help to get rid of it.


The new method was tested on 15 volunteers. First, the computer scanning of their brain was made, and then they were subjected to intensive care. During this therapy, the participants had to perform voice exercises: repeat two-syllable words after the scientists and read texts from pictures. The classes were held three times a day.

Also, the volunteers were given a verbal home assignment. This went on for a week. Then, MRI scans were made again, showing that the cerebellum had begun to work much harder. By contrast, another area that is also associated with the formation of speech (Pars opercularis, which is too active in stutterers) became calmer. In the course of therapy, it got relaxed and went back to the normal state, so stuttering was almost completely cured in all the participants of the experiment. Therefore, this can be called a new effective method of stuttering treatment.

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