Old Fathers’ Kids More Prone to Mental Diseases

Experts in genetics do not recommend older men to have children. The fact is that a child born to older dads faces a serious risk of the development of mental disorders like schizophrenia and autism. The Telegraph writes more about this.


How big are the risks of disorders?

If a father is not less than forty-five years old, the risks are one third higher (more precisely – 34%) if compared to the fathers who are 25-29 years old. This statistics is confirmed by a survey which included almost three million children. It can be concluded that not only women have the so-called biological clock. Women reduce ovarian efficiency, and men, in turn, face the increased risk of genetic mutations as they get older.

A baby after forty

Professor John McGrath, head of research, representing the University of Queensland, comments that everyone should understand it is not safe to have a child after forty years. It is known that a man is able to produce sperm during the whole life. Conception can occur, but the health of the unborn child is heavily dependent on how old the father is. But we have to admit: the risks that come from the mother are still much higher.

A second child

It is remarkable that the previous study proved the risks did not become higher if the elderly father already had children, who had been born to him in his youth. Icelandic scientists have found out that the fathers representing the older age group are more often responsible for the child’s genetic mutations and the features, not typical of either of the parents.

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  1. Caro Gibon

    Women get nondisjunction of chromosomes – meaning that a whole chromosome is added or missing. This often is due to an extra chromosome 21. This was discovered in 1959 when staining chromosome spreads of a person with an extra chromosome 21. It’s called a chromosomal karyotype. (Not to be confused with other ways that a person can have an extra copy of the gene region responsible when present in 3 copies … in that case where chromosome 21 is in normal disomy (one chromosome from ma and one chromosome from pa) you could get a third copy of the DS region on the pa’s 21 and that would also result in DS. Of course, I am writing here about when its abnormal trisomy 21 (2 chromosome 21 from ma and 1 chromosome 21 from pa).

    Men get point mutations and whole gene added or missing. This means a gene region on a chromosome is altered. You cannot see that by looking at a chromosomal karyotype. It took something called….Fluorescene In Situ Hybridation (FISH) that uses colored light tags to attach or not attach to a gene region. And then the aCGH microarray large FISH across kbs of DNA genome. This you can visualize genes altered within a chromosome….much harder then simply looking if you have a chromosome missing or not!

    Therefore, we knew later in time that a man also has increased paternal age as if you take sperm from younger man and freeze that and then take it each year after until death and freeze all of those then do microarray on all of the years of sperm collection independently you would get a graph showing that the sperm mutate as the male gets older and these studies are being carried out and obviously …will take time.

  2. Caro Gibon

    One more thing….look up celiac disease (when over glutenated wheat products) can cause nondisjuction of chromosome 21, resulting in down syndrome.
    So google…. down syndrome and celiac disease or gluten…DIET OF THE WOMAN IMPORTANT TO THE QUALITY OF THE EGGS

  3. Caro Gibon

    FEMALE (90 DAYS)
    (do not get an abortion simple cause you thought your diet was poor. Just ask for microarray analysis of the amniotic fluid and go from there. do not underestimate the love you yet to understand.)

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