Pacifier Activated Lullaby Helps Premature Babies Grow

Researchers from the University of Florida have created a special medical device for premature babies. It helps them to overcome one of the most difficult obstacles to growth and development.

Baby Pacifer

Premature babies often have disordered muscle reflexes, so they have difficulty with activities elementary for infants. They can not take the nipple with their lips, swallow or breathe in the process of feeding.

The innovative device, Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL), helps premature babies to develop suckling reflex. It is a pacifier-nozzle, which has a built-in speaker, transmitting lullabies. Whenever a child manages to capture the nipple and suckle milk, sweet and pleasant music starts playing. To listen to the soothing lullaby again, the child should continue drinking milk, so it gets the necessary skills. Studies have shown that PAL can reduce the time spent by a premature baby in the hospital by five days in average.

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