Parental Duties for Moms and Dads Are Vastly Different, a Study Reveals

TheBabyWebsite that carried out a study of 3,000 parents with an aim of distinguishing between a modern mom’s and dad’s duties, found that while fathers play with their children outdoors and fix their toys, mothers are mostly stuck with the household chores like washing, ironing and cooking – making it a little unjust in terms of sharing fun and toil.

Father and son

The parents involved were asked to make lists of the tasks they thought lay with them and the ones encumbering their partner. It turned out to be fathers’ responsibility to dress the children and take them out for sports and games, whereas mothers were expected to see to lunches being packed and take the children to be immunized. It certainly seems nothing has changed since old times and women are still working hard to provide the basics, leaving men and children to play around… “The poll has unveiled a clear difference,” as a spokesman for TheBabyWebsite put it.


  1. Repairing bikes and toys
  2. Changing batteries in gadgets
  3. Dressing the kids
  4. Playing sports and outdoor games with the kids
  5. Teaching them to ride a bike and to swim
  6. Helping them to find their way around Lego, construction sets, assembly toys


  1. Shopping for clothes, accessories, medicines for the kids
  2. Washing and ironing
  3. Cooking and preparing packed lunches
  4. Dealing with school paperwork
  5. Supervising the packing of school bags
  6. Getting and doing up presents

Mother’s duties, the comment from TheBabyWebsite states, stem from her house-running responsibilities and boil down to doing chores and dirty work what with endless cooking and looking after the wardrobe… Fathers are not only hogging the fun time, they have a real chance to be hands on with their children.

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