Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System for Child’s Joy

Your long-awaited little one will thrive on communication, and the recognition of the fact that the fetus is quite like a baby in what relates to its need in conversation and music, is known to advance the development of the child in the womb considerably.

Speaker System for Pregnant Bellies

Nuvo Group’s Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System is a gadget perfectly tailored to cater to your child’s needs. Ritmo’s speaker system is inbuilt into a lightweight belt that is designed to avoid any discomfort to the mom’s baby bump. The belt’s four speakers are done employing the patented Safe&Sound Technology that brings the sound to the baby’s comfort level. There is a controller for connecting an mp3 player.

The device will play the child a fairy tale or messages from the family members so that your child will grow to recognize the voices of the near and dear.

Once the great event took place and your baby’s out, his or her musical friend, the Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, will move over to the crib or to a toy, for it is fitted with means to fix it to other children’s objects.

Your child’s very first speaker system costs $129.

Source of the image: popgadget.net.

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