Schoolchildren Turn to Computer for Inspiration for Homework Excuses

The old hoary homework excuse “my dog chewed up my homework” can still be heard in the classroom – although there can hardly be found a teacher who believes it – but it is being pushed around by new-day tech-laden excuses that are gaining popularity.

Child, computer

As schoolchildren get more and more tech-savvy, their computers and printers get out of hand more and more frequently, leaving our poor kids stranded, a new study has found.

Of 500 teachers polled 75 per cent hear plenty of computer-centered excuses, and 80 per cent of them feel that pupils don’t believe they are technically up-to-date enough to follow.

A survey which also embraced 1,000 pupils revealed that e-mail service errors are often blamed for failure to submit homework or children deleted it accidentally.

The average teacher, it appears, gets at least four homework excuses a day.

Here’s an updated list of schoolroom excuses:

1. I emailed my homework to you but it got returned.
2. It got deleted somehow.
3. My dog got at it.
4. My computer won’t turn on.
5. My printer is out of order.
6. I finished it but I failed to save it.
7. There was no ink in the printer’s cartridge.
8. The Internet was down.
9. I spilt my drink on the keyboard.
10. Some burglars got away with my computer.

Mozy, which commissioned the survey, pointed out in their comment that we took to relying on computing and technology so much that UK pupils are beginning to employ technological errors as a convenient excuse to explain the absence of homework.

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