Self-Heating Baby Bottles Iiamo Go

The Danish company Iiamo has developed Iiamo Go – the only eco-friendly baby bottle that heats 170 ml of milk up to the recommended temperature of 37°C in four minutes without electricity.

Iiamo Go baby bottle

The bottle was created by two fathers, Nikolaj Leonard-Hjorth and Rasmus Schiegelow. You don’t need electricity, a cord, heating bags or boiling water. The secret behind it is a unit called iiamo warm that contains salt and water. When mixed, a reaction of rehydration occurs (gaining lost fluid back) which releases warmth that heats the milk.

Iiamo Go baby bottle

Eco-friendly feeding bottle Iiamo Go has a built-in anti-colic fan system. The system controls air flow which prevents vacuum in the bottle. Iiamo flow is baby bottle teat available in four sized for different ages.

Iiamo Go baby bottle

Source of the image: Inventorspot

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  1. Cakestand

    Well if these self heating bottles really work they should sell like hot cakes. It can be so awkward when out and about with a baby trying to heat up milk so this would be great.

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