Sensation: Ectopic Pregnancy Ends up with a Baby’s Birth

A very rare case in medical practice has occurred in a clinic in the U.S. state of Arizona. Ectopic pregnancy has ended up with a birth of a completely healthy child.

Ectopic Pregnancy, Baby

When the expectant mother of Nick Soto learned her diagnosis, she refused categorically to have an abortion. However, the doctors insisted on it. Ectopic pregnancy is mortally dangerous for the mother. As a rule, it is interrupted at an early stage.

However, the woman said she would try to give birth to a child. And the doctors agreed to help her. For a few months, the patient had been in hospital for a period of special preservation. And during the 32nd week she underwent cesarean section. The infant who weighed less than one and a half kilograms at birth, was named Cruz.

Source of the image: Gamutnews.

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