A Courageous Attempt at Separating Siamese Twins Went off Right

Bangladeshi Siamese orphans Trishna and Krishna, who are yet to become three years old, were born with conjoined heads, common blood vessels and brain tissues.

Bangladeshi Siamese Twins Trishna and Krishna

Operations of twins separation is considered to be an extremely difficult affair requiring great skill and precision; few centers undertake to perform them because of a high fatality risk. Although the risk is calculated at 50 % for brain damage and 25 % for death, most of these operations have been reported to end in the death of twins.

But surgeons from Melbourne, Australia, who ventured to perform the operation, came out victors!

16 neuro- and plastic surgeons toiled through the night to ensure lest any nerve be injured and managed to stave off the death threat. But whether the twins sustained any brain damage is still to be seen.

After the operation both girls were removed to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne where they are kept under unyielding surveillance. They are reported to be recovering well, preparing for the next stage of the reconstruction.

“Their bodies have to recover from this, and we’ve got a lot of unknown territory we’re moving into,” commented Leo Donnan, Chief of Surgery.

Donnan and his colleagues went on to describe their “surreal” feelings as they saw the girls come apart and realized that they were giving them the chance to live out their own personalities without undue physical dependence on one another.

The successful operation, all stages included, lasted for 27 hours.

Source of the image: navegalo.com.

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