Shy Kids More Prone to Obesity

Shy children are more likely to prefer unhealthy foods and are less physically active, which mostly predetermines their being prone to gaining excess weight. This observation was made by the scientists from Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia). It is reported by Science World Report.


American researchers from Emory University have collected and analyzed the data about 8,346 children aged 9 to 11 years. The scientists were primarily interested in the weight indicators, as well as the level of mental development and the degree of activity in society (communication with parents, classmates, friends, etc.). In addition, the scientists questioned each child separately, determining the degree of socialization: that is, how easy it is for a child to make new friends with someone, to get acquainted and so on.

It turned out that the low level of social activity is closely linked to obesity. The scientists still find it difficult to determine the reason and the consequence in this observation. But there is speculation that shy children prefer fatty and junk food to compensate for the lack of companionship and failed attempts to build good relations with their peers.

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