Sisters Give Birth to Their Children Simultaneously

Two sisters, living thousands of miles away from each other, have given birth to boys not just on the same day, but almost simultaneously. The difference in the birth of two cousins ​​was only 19 minutes.


33-year-old Andrea lives on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, far from her 29-year-old sister Audrey. The first woman resides in Liverpool, England, and the second sister lives in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. But the sisters retain such an amazing bond with each other that they even gave birth to their boys with a difference of only a few minutes. This coincidence can be considered surprising.

Audrey Westich was the first to give birth to a boy, and the happy parents named him Levi. In less than 20 minutes, mother of many children Andrea Mansfield gave birth to her sixth baby, also a boy. By the way, Andrea’s all other five children are boys, and the spouses had hoped in vain that at least the sixth attempt would bring them a girl.

The sisters kept in touch during pregnancy, regularly exchanging calls on Skype and keeping track of each other’s lives on Facebook. It turned out that their contractions had started almost at the same time, when the women were at home. Both of them, by the way, decided to give birth to a baby at home, but with the help of professional midwives. Cousins ​​Levi and Michael were born without any complications.

According to Andrea, it was just an amazing coincidence. Of course, the sisters joked about that because they had learned about being pregnant at about the same time, but they never believed it could be possible. As a result, they both opted for a home birth and both gave birth to boys with a difference of 19 minutes. However, because of the time difference Audrey gave birth to the son early in the morning, and Andrea – in the afternoon. In fact, Audrey delivered the baby 5 days later, and Andrea gave birth to Michael 2 days before the predicted time.


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