Skin Patch As a Better Vaccination Method

The syringe, this long-time symbol of medical profession, can become obsolete as a new vaccination method – skin patch – is on the way. A study devoted to the new invention appeared in Nature Medicine, describing skin patch as a less painful and more effective development.

Skin patch

Instead of a long terrifying needle we have 100 microneedles that enter under the skin and dissolve there. They are 1.6 mm long, do not cause bleeding or pain, and cannot get in too deep. Besides, experiments on mice showed that dissolving microneedles produce a better immune response than a usual injection.

Lead researcher Sean Sullivan assures that the needle patch dissolves completely and there can be no question of sharp metallic ends left over in the body.

The use of skin patches, besides being painless, helps do away with a number of other issues connected with injections, like the necessity to dispose of used syringes or make any storage containers, for skin patches are not to be stored frozen (which may be convenient for some of developing countries).

The patches use up lesser amounts of vaccine, thus making the possibility of shortages in case of pandemics negligent.

Sullivan pointed out that the new method can change the whole procedure of vaccination. It would be quite possible to sell skin patches at drugstores or even send them out by mail enabling people to inject themselves without any trouble and vaccinate children without having to cope with their fears and tears.

Source of the image: Sciencedaily

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