Smart Wristwatches GizmoPal 2 & GizmoGadget for Kids

Manufacturers are increasingly producing the goods targeted at the younger generation. After all, not only adults need gadgets, but also children. The LG company has just announced the release of 2 smart watches – GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget. Both models are full-fledged chronometers designed for children.


The products have a similar design, but they have different characteristics. GizmoPal 2 notifies you of incoming calls and text messages with the help of LEDs. In addition, there is the navigation system that tracks where the child is. This is a real godsend for troubled guardians.


GizmoGadget has wider functions. The watch has a 1.3-inch color screen with touch controls. The display is used to view the statistics of physical activity, send instant messages and things like that. One can even call the parents. The new items will be distributed with the help of the Verizon Wireless communication operator at the price of $80 for GizmoPal 2 and $150 for GizmoGadget.

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