Spooner Skate Board Simulator

Another incontestable proof that simple physical joys have always been here and are here to stay – the Spooner, a balance board that may not look much and may even look inferior compared to a larger and more impressive boards of this kind. Then again, as you will rediscover this time, appearances are deceptive.

The Spooner is capable of all kinds of those wobbling, spinning, sliding and gliding motions that are guaranteed to keep your kid enthralled. Without stepping outside the room your boy or girl can experience the full range of skateboarding, surfboarding or snowboarding joys (and workouts). Absence of the elements is the only drawback that makes the experience less than perfect.

It’s some wonder how they managed to achieve this, but the Spooner is all but indestructible, poses no threat to the house floors and designed with every consideration for the user’s safety. Actually it can be the only way when your kid is skateboarding full tilt and you have no reasons to worry lest they should end up hitting the gutter.

Trust the children’s balance and coordination abilities to the Spooner available online for under $40.

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