Standing Desks Provide Better School Performance

American scientists have found out that pupils and students will learn better if they are able to stand in the classroom rather than sit at their desks. It is in this position that concentration and attention reach their peak.


If you were caught taking a nap during the class at school, after which the teacher demanded that you should stand until the end of the class, you were treated absolutely right. Researchers at Texas A&M Health Science Center found that a person learns new information most effectively when he or she is standing. This way we make our brain work with maximum efficiency, increasing concentration and focus.

These conclusions were based on the observations of 300 students from 2nd-4th grades. This is the most difficult age group in terms of acquiring knowledge, as 8- and 9-year-old children often lack concentration to effectively consolidate the information received. Some students in the course of the experiment could work at standing desks. It was done exclusively at children’s request, without any forcing.

It turned out that in this position a child’s cognitive functions reach their maximum. Note that standing is a kind of physical activity that is beneficial to human and reduces the risk of many diseases, including dementia, as proven in numerous studies.

In general, students standing at their desks coped with their tasks by 12% better than those who used traditional desks. By the way, in a previous study, the researchers also found that children who work at standing desks burn 15% more calories. With obese children, this equals 25%.

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