Stroller Egg Concept for Very Modern Babies

Of course there are mothers who realize that their babies are born into an unfathomably new high-tech society, and everything beginning with prams and strollers is bound to look vastly different from now on – like the non-traditional stroller design created by David Rollins.

Stroller Egg concept by David Rollins

Olde worlde softies are replaced by a – fairly predictable – egg mounted on wheels. Besides, an egg design allows for manifold reconfiguration, up to forming a larger “shell” by a special configuration of the halves. The configuration variants can make the stroller fit for a newborn (lying flat on the back and facing mom) or for toddlers (tilted posture facing forward). Comfort and baby psychology without undue cushioning… David Rollins seems to know something about babies, doesn’t he?

Stroller Egg concept by David Rollins

Stroller Egg concept by David Rollins

Source of the image: Jasonbeale.blogspot.

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