Sympathetic Pregnancy Is Pregnancy Customized for Men

Pregnant Woman with HusbandNotwithstanding the fact that man’s body is not equipped for bearing a child, his mind can be quite amenable to the idea. So don’t be surprised if, when you are pregnant, your husband will begin to evince pregnancy symptoms out of the blue. It is a well-known phenomenon called sympathetic pregnancy, and although it is a purely psychosomatic condition, your husband will be experiencing very real sensations.

The man begins to feel as if he were pregnant himself – he has bouts of nausea, his food preferences may change, his appetite varies and he may suffer from indigestion, his weight may also be affected. There are cases when experiences like labor pains and contractions were recorded in a male while his partner was in labor.

Statistic says that almost 80 % of men whose partner is with child react to her condition displaying sympathetic pregnancy in various degrees.

There is no clear-cut scientific explanation as to what may cause sympathetic pregnancy. Mostly it is explained from the psychological point of view.

The explanation that came down from the ancient times brings these symptoms down to anxiety, worry or depression the man may feel at the idea of a child coming into the family.

Nowadays some psychologists put it down to the man being envious of the important role the woman begins to acquire both in the family and in the life of the coming child. Sympathetic pregnancy is either a way to steal a part of the limelight or the desire to share the woman’s sensations. With some men it may be a wish to stake a claim on as important part in the child’s life as that of the mother.

Another theory links this phenomenon with gender roles in relationships. The man who preferred – or was pressed into – a role traditionally attributed to women may thus try to take on this female task along with some others.

There is even a theory that approaches pregnancy symptoms in men from the physical point of view. A long-term coexistence of two people who are close to each other may result in changing the man’s testosterone and estrogen balance which can bring on the appearance of the relevant symptoms.

You cannot be 100% sure that the symptoms you observe signify sympathetic pregnancy. It may as well be a sign of other health problems assailing your husband. Still, there are cases when the man is feeling exactly same that you are, and it may be so strong that he will have to stay off his work for a while!

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