Tablets Harmful to Health

Tablet PCs have become very popular due to their portability and simplicity of use. However, scientists have found that a long-term use may harm your health. Thus, tablets may cause spine deformation in children.


A chiropractor from Auckland (New Zealand) Margaret Bryce is concerned about the growing number of people who consult her about cervical spine curvature. According to the doctor, the spine is initially straight. With time and development of the child, it acquires physiological curves allowing to lift your head, ensure flexibility, buffer action, and strength.

M. Bryce notes that due to the extensive use of tablet PCs coordination between the brain and hands disturbs. The doctor added that the pain from such condition is rarely a problem for young people, but in adulthood, they can have health problems.

Previously, scientists claimed that the using gadgets before bed had a negative effect on the body: the transmission of messages for two hours before bedtime increases stress level. Furthermore, the use of portable devices leads to insomnia.

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