The Breast Milk Black Market Spreads HIV

The breast milk black market, which was formed in some Western countries, poses a serious threat to the health of babies. Medical experts urge the authorities to introduce strict regulation of this industry.


The benefits of breast milk for the baby’s health are well known and scientifically grounded. However, many young mothers experience certain difficulties with breastfeeding. Experiencing psychological pressure, these women decide to purchase human breast milk through the Internet. That is why this market has been growing steadily and rapidly in recent years.

Breast milk is a healthy and very useful product, but many young mothers and even some doctors have no idea how dangerous this market is. Some children are at risk. This was stated by Professor Sarah Steele of Queen Mary University in London.

According to Professor Steele, the purchase of breast milk over the Internet is cheaper than buying it through the specialized banks of milk. Online retailers cut the costs for pasteurization and checking the product for the presence of diseases, for specialized storage and proper collection of milk. However, all these procedures are extremely important for the product to be completely safe for the consumer.

The buyers of breast milk include not only young mothers with babies, but also the adults suffering from cancer, the people who are fond of bodybuilding, or just those who treat breast milk as a fetish. The experts stress that the breast milk sold online can contain dangerous bacteria and viruses causing hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and other dangerous diseases.

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