TV Leads to Obesity in Children

Watching TV for over two hours in a row increases the possibility of obesity in children.


This statement is proved by the results of the study by researchers of the North American BioMedical Research Center. During the experiment, 370 teenagers were surveyed. Center staff measured their waist volume, body mass index, the amount of fat mass and belly fat, glucose level in the blood and some other important parameters related to metabolism.

As a result of the tests, it became known that, in addition to extra pounds, five hours of watching TV doubles the risk of visceral obesity, the most dangerous form of the disease. Moreover, the presence of a TV in the bedroom is able to increase the possibility of metabolism disorders. Eventually it leads to terrible diseases – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

This fact can be explained quite simply. A TV, which is working in front of the children, reduces sleep duration, disrupts daily regimen and diet. American scientists advise not to equip a children’s room with technologies. You should also limit the amount of time the child spends in front of the TV.

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