A 750-Mile Walk is a Standard Exercise for Mom with a Pushchair

Mothercare’s new poll results may surprise quite a few mothers, says lead researcher Liz Day, a parenting consultant.

Pushchair Walk

The daily routine of a new mom necessarily includes taking the baby out in a pushchair, usually to a park in the vicinity or to friends. Or around shops. Which amounts to a couple of miles on average.

2 miles multiplied by 6 days give us about 14 miles each week and almost 750 miles, at least during the first year. That’s some journey – and some strain!

80 per cent moms admit that these baby buggy walks provide the only exercise they get and help them shake off the afterbirth weight. 10 per cent even jog with the buggy now and then.

Liz Day reminds of the importance of fresh air and exercising, as well as of a chance to find new friends for yourself and maybe for the little one too.

And finally, about husbands. Mostly they come along on the pushchair walk once or twice a week… some of them think a DVD player fixed on the chair will make a good incentive to accompany their family more often.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/treehouse1977.

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