Warm Baths & Sauna Lead to Male Infertility

Scientists at the University of California (USA) showed that men’s habit of taking hot baths has a negative effect on their fertility.


Doctors have long proved a very negative effect of high temperatures on male reproductive function. Recent experiments have assured them that even warm water in the tub is very harmful. The doctors say it reduces sperm production and limits sperm movement. Abuse of these procedures results in infertility.

If a man has problems with reproduction and he aims at restoring it, giving up hot tubs is a must. Unfortunately, not all men have enough willpower to do it.

In addition, the researchers found the following psychological pattern: the more often a person takes a bath, and the higher the water temperature is, the greater he or she feels lonely.

Doctors repeatedly state that hot tub is recommended only for healthy people. If a person is prone to high blood pressure, has problems with blood circulation, or there are some general ailments, such baths are contraindicated.

But even a healthy person should not take hot baths for longer than 10 minutes. When they are taken sparingly, they improve metabolism, have an antispasmodic and analgesic effect. Frequent baths do more harm than good.

If the bath temperature is above 40 degrees, it would be tougher than a sauna. Remember that people having heart problems feel great in a steam room, but a hot tub is hard for them to tolerate. This occurs because the surface and deep-lying vessels widen, the blood flow to the body surface becomes stronger and to the viscera – weaker. However, once you start feeling heart palpitations, it means you should leave the steam room or the bathroom.

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