Woman Gives Birth after Womb Transplant

A month ago, 36-year-old resident of Sweden gave birth to a child, having a donor uterus. This is the first similar case in the world of medicine. The baby was conceived using IVF and was born prematurely.


The happy mom preferred not to publish her name. We only know that the Swede was born without the uterus, but found a 61-year-old woman, a family friend, who agreed to be the donor. The transplant of the organ took place last year.

Doctor Mats Brannstrom reported about the success of the uterus transplant. He personally operated the woman and subsequently helped her during the delivery. Though born prematurely, the newborn proved to be quite a healthy boy. It had taken the baby’s parents a few years to give birth to a child, and they are very happy with the result.

Surgeon Brannstrom carried out the surgeries of nine women; two of them are now in the family way. Such advances offer hope to those who have no uterus from birth, just as our heroine, and to those who lost it as a result of any disease.

It should be noted that the attempts to transplant the uterus have not always been successful. The organ transplanted to the participants of the experiment is under the threat of being rejected by the body. The best donor in this case could be a close relative, as was the case with Sarah Ottoson, who had been transplanted her mother’s womb.

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