Women’s Eggs Stored at Home

Eggs can be stored as a powder at room temperature, claims a recent study.


In the future, women may not be limited in time, if they want to have children. Eggs can be stored as a powder at a woman’s house. According to Dr. Amir Arav from the Israeli Core Dynamics center, if a woman wishes to have a baby, she will revive the eggs by simply adding water. Then she will fertilize them with sperm and implant the embryo.

The scientists have demonstrated this technology on the example of bovine oocytes. The results showed that 23 of the 30 cells were viable. The cells were soaked in a specially designed solution, replacing water. After being treated with the solution, the eggs underwent vitrification and acquired a solid glassy texture. Then they were converted into a powder. In order to do it, the residual liquid had to be evaporated from the cells at -55 degrees Celsius and a low pressure. To properly store the powder, it was placed in a vacuum light-tight packaging.

The scientists have to determine whether such cells can be used to obtain healthy embryos. After experimenting on animals, the Israelis may get the permission to experiment with human cells.

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