The World’s Oldest Mother Dies of Cancer

María del Carmen Bousada de Lara The twins born by 67-year-old María del Carmen Bousada de Lara from Spain are now left orphans, although they have not turned three yet. Christian and Pau were born in Barcelona in December 2006, just a day before their mom celebrated her 67th anniversary. And last Saturday 69-year-old Maria Carmen lost her fight with cancer and died in her house in south-west Spain. The disease was diagnosed months after having the children. Relatives and friends unanimously talked the pensioner against the pregnancy because of the costly treatment of the woman whose menopause had been 18-year-long by the time.

Being branded as selfish and irresponsible, Maria sold her house for 45 thousand euros to purchase donor sperm and ovules. Later she admitted forging her age for the record downsizing it to 55. She hoped to live up to 101, the age her own mother reached. “I have all reasons to be so sure,” she claimed optimistically. However, she turned to be wrong.

It should be noted that María is not the only woman who set up her mind to have children at that age. Every elderly mother-to-be put forward her reasons and explanations. For instance, Elizabeth Adeney, single mother from England, was up to making her career until she reached 66. Single Spaniard Maria took care of her elderly mother for years. Omkari Panwar from India has a husband, two daughters and five grandchildren, but the couple dreamed of having a son born to the family.

The death of the world’s oldest mother raised much debate about ethics of having IVF at such age. This is thought to be a way-out for single unmarried women who do not care about possible risks while fertility restoring hormones may as well increase the chances of cancer.

Maria’s twins are being taken care by their godfather and nephew who, despite all efforts, will hardly be a proper substitute for the biological parent. Do you believe it is worthwhile to have children at such old age?

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