10 Most Common Mistakes You Make When Raising a Daughter

In this article, we will consider 10 major mistakes that parents make in communicating with their daughters!


Mother and daughter relationship is one of the most serious things in the life of every woman. The way a mother behaves with the girl in her early childhood and later adulthood affects her further destiny! The role of parents in raising their children is a sore point for many people, and this is not surprising.

1. Lack of personal example

Instead of telling your daughter, “You must learn how to cook,” say: “Let’s cook a delicious soup together.” And do it! When she sees that her mom enjoys doing something, she will also want to learn it.

2. A condemning attitude towards sex

If a girl is instilled a condemning attitude to men since childhood, she grows up with a feeling that all men are rapists, and sex is a disgusting thing.

3. Paradoxical contradictions


“Sex is a dirty thing, but every girl needs to get married and have a baby, better before 30”. The result of such conflicting ideas is the fear of any relationship as such.

4. Overprotection

If the mother takes too much care of her daughter in childhood, she grows up a flawed personality manipulated by others easily.

5. A negative image of the father

If a girl is being told that her father is an “asshole”, she feels guilty that this man is her dad. It can take her the whole life to cope with this feeling of guilt trying to prove others that she does not have a bad heredity.

6. Physical violence

Corporal punishment humiliates girls even more than boys. If a girl is subjected to violence, she grows up as a victim and chooses aggressors as her partners.

7. Underpraising

If the girl is underpraised, she becomes a person who does not love herself and cannot be a full-fledged partner in a relationship. Of course, it is no use praising for every little thing. Find a middle ground.

8. Quarrels in the child’s presence


Quarreling in the presence of a child is a blow to their mental health. Do not forget that the child often takes over the responsibility for everything that happens in the family.

9. Lack of communication

If you communicate little with your daughter, if you do not answer her stupid questions, especially in adolescence, she loses contact with you and feels abandoned. Communication is something that is never enough when it comes to raising children.

10. Improper life views

We must not tell a girl that her life has to include definite stages: marriage, children, weight loss, a job… We must let the child know that she can do whatever she wants. Only this way she will grow up a confident and happy woman!

For a child to grow up a harmonious personality, parental love is sometimes not enough. Use these helpful tips in life, and your daughter is sure to get her way in life and be happy!

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