10 Ways to Discipline the Kid without Spanking

It is very difficult for many parents to bring up their young child without spanking. One often hears that it is inhumane. How can you punish the guilty kid without using physical strength?

How to Discipline the Kid without Violence

1. Deprivation of pleasure

Deprivation of pleasure is the most loyal method of punishment. For example, a child can be deprived of going for a walk in the park, visiting theater or circus, you can prohibit him to play with the favorite toys, watch cartoons, and eat sweets.

2. Ignoring

Ignoring is a very common method, when parents deprive the child of their support and love for a while. If the kid flies into a demonstrative tantrum, leave the room and let him stay alone. Before doing so, it is preferable for you to explain to your child the reason of your leaving, you should also tell the child to come, when he/she calms down.

3. Judging

Judging from one’s own experience is an effective way of upbringing, when the child learns to take responsibility for his own actions. If you fight, if you are greedy – no one will play with you and you will not make friends. If you run in the puddles, you will have a running nose and a sore throat, which leads to taking medicines and lack of walks.

4. Physical labor

Physical labor is a method of appointing tasks in case of the child’s grave misconduct. You may tell the child to wash the dishes, to clean the house, or to weed the garden.

5. Home Arrest

Temporary arrest is when the misbehaving child is sent to a corner of his room, where he needs to spend five to ten minutes, all alone and without toys and TV.

6. Frightening

Frightening the child is the most used method. Telling him about hags and witches, a scary gray wolf and different fictional creatures may sometimes be very effective and helpful to calm your baby.

7. Screaming at a Child

A voice attack is a punishment by shouting. This is a rather controversial method, but with some children nothing else works in certain situations.

8. Collective condemnation

Collective condemnation is the way of punishment by discussing the child’s misdeeds and evaluating them collectively by all family members.

9. Light Corporal Punishment

Light corporal punishment – to pull or slap the child – is used when the child does not respond to the comments of an adult.

10. Making the Kid Stay Silent

Punishment by silence, that is to do what you want, but to do it in silence, is a good way to calm your baby. It is uninterestng to be quiet while being naughty, so the children calm down quickly.

Some Parents Never Punish Their Kids

There are, of course, such parents, who do not punish their child. They just say what is good and what is bad. But if you think about what kind of a person will grow out of a child, who has never been forbidden anything or punished for the bad things in his childhood, you immediately have criminals on your mind – it is they who always do what is forbidden.

And how do you discipline your child for misconduct?

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