10 Worst Morning Madness Situations When Getting Kids to School

The younger kid is screaming, the elder one cannot find the pants. You have 15 minutes to leave the house, and you are still running around the apartment in your pajamas and cannot brush your teeth. Being panic-stricken is familiar to every parent. We tried to recollect the situations, which can bring even more chaos to your morning madness.

  • You have run out of the only product that your children want for breakfast.
  • While you are distracted to put an end to the children’s misbehavior, the porridge gets burned, and you need to scrape it off the pan and cook everything again.
  • One careless movement – and the yolk spreads all over the frying pan.

  • One child wants to watch Peppa Pig, whereas the other one demands Paw Patrol, and there’s just one screen.
  • 15 minutes before you need to leave, you suddenly recall that a matinee will take place in the kindergarten, and you must come dressed properly and with a poem learned by heart.
  • The only sweater/pantyhose/pants that the child wants to put on is washed. And the kid refuses to wear any other clothes.

  • The child wants to be wearing shorts/ fur coat/ rubber boots, although the temperature outside is -20 (+30) degrees, and persuasion fails to work.
  • The child wants to take a teddy bear, a doll, a truck, a Lego kit, a cat and new felt-tip pens to the kindergarten. Of course, he/she does not want to carry all of this.
  • Standing on the doorstep in three sweaters, boots and a jacket the child announces that he/she needs to go to the toilet.

  • However, the worst thing in the morning is to find out that there is no coffee left in the house.

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