15 Fears that Gnaw at Mother’s Heart

We all know that being a mom is a strenuous job that requires much effort and brings a great reward. Yet there is another, darker side to it – moms are often besieged with fears. The harder you are trying to be a model mom, the more fears can grow. There are some which are transient and some which never leave the mother’s heart. Listed here are 15 of the worst assailants that harass poor moms.


The baby may stop breathing during the night

SIDS is a powerful fear invading the first year of the baby’s life, so don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night and hurry to the baby’s crib to listen intensely or hold your hand over the nose to see if there is air movement. The installation of baby monitors subdues the fear to a certain extent, but does not kill it.

You are a bad mother

While the love is there, so are many daily routine things which need to be done, and your life turns into a whirlwind of activity that leaves you stressed out. Yes, you will cry and feel desperate about the whole situation sometimes, but you need to believe that you can cope and bring up a happy and socially adjusted child.

You don’t understand what the baby wants

The baby bursts out crying. You feed him or her, rock in your arms, rattle toys – but that’s all to no avail! The crying continues, and you’re at your wits’ end about what to do and how to handle it. Cry herself or call your mother and friends asking for advice? But the stress subsides as soon as the baby’s burped and calmed down.

The baby will slip out of your grasp and get injured

The unrealistic fear of hurting the baby inadvertently, dropping him or knocking against a corner sets upon a mom now and again as they are moving about the house with the baby in their arms. If you are reasonably careful you can disregard this.

The baby will get an airborne illness from somebody

So many people around are sneezing and coughing, especially in the colder seasons, and how many mothers allow their kids with runny noses and colds in their heads to rub shoulders with others! The poor baby can develop an illness all of a sudden without your being able to do anything, that’s devastating.

The baby will vanish into the blue in a public place

Parks or shopping malls with crowds moving around… You feel that once you’ve let go of the baby, he will be swallowed up in the mob instantly. There are kid leashes, of course, will you want to make use of one? Better be safe than sorry, eh?

You’ll crush your baby rolling over during the night

Should it be one of your persistent fears, don’t sleep in one bed with your baby or do it when there’s somebody to watch over.

The baby will work free from the crib

As they begin to get around on their own, they sure can try and get out, and of course they are unable to control their movements properly and avoid landing on the floor…

The baby may choke on the food

This is a very realistic fear which will keep haunting you until the baby will master motor skills. It’s true that the food sticks in kids’ throats time and time again. So, it’s a good idea to be watchful over meals – or take some more baby-care classes.

Furniture will topple and bury the child

Yes, heavy furniture like bookshelves or standing mirrors spell danger. See the pieces are fixed firmly or have them removed to a safe place.

The baby can fall down the stairs

Baby crawling or standing on the top of a staircase makes a scary picture, worthy of keeping a sharp eye on things and running fast.

What if the baby remains motherless?

In the midst of life we are in death, and you may worry about your health so as to make sure you have no major health threats – but mind that it is the workings of a fear and don’t go overboard with anxiety. Instead think what you eat and don’t miss out on your exercise.

You are not strict enough

You are so kind that you tend to put the world in your baby’s palm. It’s fine, but see that you’re not overdoing with it, and the child is not getting accustomed to having it all his or her way solely!

You are not kind enough

That is fine to know that your children mind what you say, but when the situation is over, you may wonder whether you have been too strict with them – they are only little kids, after all. Will they grow up to love you or hate you for being always a martinet? Well, children can feel the love behind the punishment, but if you finally decided you’d been too hard on them, apologize – it will be appreciated.

There will be somebody your baby will like better

Certainly you are – and will be! – #1 for your baby, but it’s only natural that they begin to pay attention – and take to – other people who are important in their lives. Your female family member, babysitter or daycare teacher can steal the little one’s heart, but maybe, thinking it over calmly, it’s not as bad as it feels.

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