15 Things New Moms Should Learn from Experienced Moms

If we consider motherhood as profession, moms, like everyone else, will fall into a number of quite well-defined groups according to how they handle the arduous task of bringing up. There are breastfeeders and formula feeders, co-sleepers and sleep trainers, attachment moms and those who don’t go for carrying their baby with them everywhere.

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So many ways provide a wide range of different kinds of experience – and when caring for babies, you can’t get too much experience. So probably mothers are the best sharers in the world – the skilled ones have so much knowledge that it asks to be imparted, and the newbies are only too eager to benefit by tips from knowledgeable ones.

Here are several pieces of advice which will help young mothers sort out the situation – or maybe just stay cool and maintain control (really hard to say which is more important, isn’t it?). So, here goes.

  1. You have treated your car with utmost care and kept it in perfect order before? It will be different from now on, take it easy if it is used as a large trash bin.
  2. You are doing your utmost to prepare healthy meals, and then while you’re relaxing it grows on you that today your kid has filled up on Nerds and pickles. It’s inevitable.
  3. Cuddling is your highest pleasure right now, and you are happy to lie down with your baby pressed close to your chest? If you feel it’s better than any entertainment or going out with friends, relax and enjoy it.
  4. You would like to swap your car for a taxicab with soundproof partitions? It’s only too natural, and we all have gone through this.
  5. Now and then you will experience things like tearing up when dumping the nasal aspirators as you are tidying up the nursery: the baby has grown and he doesn’t need them any more. It is but the first in a line of surprises to show you that time passes.
  6. You don’t throw your clothing into the laundry basket only because it’s soiled a little, but begin to reconsider? You’ve got to believe us it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You need that energy you save.
  7. Are you going to the gym to drop your extra pounds or because they have a childcare room and you can spend some time on your own? Don’t get red in the face because we know these little tricks. Why not, the room is sanitized properly.
  8. So, you gave up cleaning by homemade products and turned to Lysol or Clorox for extra support in the time of the baby’s stomach virus? So far as you manage to keep your place clean nobody’s going to say a word against it.
  9. Those fights to take the lollipop away from the child because she’s been too long at it and she and everything else around are getting too sticky for your liking are getting too frequent? Relax. The child is sure to hold on to the lollipop, it’s human nature.
  10. Have you acquired a habit of discussing vasectomy with your husband? It’s only a good joke you will laugh at in a few years.
  11. If you think you’ve failed magnificently if you allowed your kid to engross himself in Time Out for these precious minutes of quiet, don’t make an issue of it. Both he and you can spend your time to your mutual advantage.
  12. No woman will think worse of you noticing stains from your kid’s treats on your clothes and – unnoticed by you – on your face. You still look fine!
  13. Your child has recently started to develop anatomical curiosity and is apt to ask embarrassing questions about pubic hairs in public places? You are wonderful if you manage to preserve your cool and come up with any reply. Do you think you gave a foolish answer? No, your handling of the situation was great.
  14. You fobbed your child off saying that Caillou had gone on a very long vacation with his friends? Many moms will say you’re justified to save yourself great troubles.
  15. Is that your old nursing bra you’re wearing? Didn’t have time to change it for something else although you’re no longer breastfeeding? Well, it’s your business and no-one else’s. You will rearrange things when the time comes, we don’t doubt you.

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