20 Parenting Tips from Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori‘s methods are one of the most common methods of pedagogy. If you re-read this list at least once a week, the relationship with your children can go to a different quality level.


  1. Children are taught by what surrounds them.
  2. If a child is criticized often, he/she learns to condemn.
  3. If a child is praised often – he/she learns to evaluate.
  4. If a child is introduced to hostility – he/she learns to fight.
  5. If you are honest with your child – the child learns justice.
  6. If a child is often mocked at – he/she learns to be shy.
  7. If a child lives with a sense of security – he/she learns to trust.
  8. If a child often faces disgrace – he/she learns to feel guilty.
  9. If a child is often approved – he/she learns to treat himself/herself better.
  10. If a child is often sympathized with – he/she learns to be patient.
  11. If a child is often cheered up – he/she gains confidence.
  12. If a child lives in the atmosphere of friendship and feels necessary – he learns to find love in this world.
  13. Do not speak ill of the child – neither with him nor when he/she does not hear.
  14. Focus on the development of good in the child, so in the end there will be no place for bad things.
  15. Be active in preparing the environment. Take care of the child carefully and constantly. Show the role of each teaching material and develop the right way to work with it.
  16. Be prepared to respond to the child’s needs when you are needed. Always listen and respond to a child who is speaking to you.
  17. Respect the child who has made ​​a mistake and wants to fix it now or later, but stop strictly and immediately any incorrect use of the material and any action that threatens the safety of the child or other children.
  18. Respect the child, resting or watching the work of others, or thinking about what he/she has done or is going to do.
  19. Be relentless, explaining to the child what he/she previously could not understand. Help your child learn what he/she has not mastered yet and overcome imperfection. Do this by filling the world with care, restraint and peace, mercy and love. Be ready to help the child who is in search and be invisible to the child who has found everything.
  20. When communicating with a child, always stick to your best manners and offer him/her the best of what you have.

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