5 Ideas for New Moms to Switch off from Diapers and Chores

So, your lovely baby is here. You’re happy, but stressed and sleep deprived. You look like a zombie, don’t remember the last time you had a shower longer than 3 minutes and had your hair done. All you think about is taking care of your baby’s needs and domestic chores. But there are ways of feeling a human, not only a diaper changing machine.


1. Go Jogging or Walking

You may be very tired, but as soon as you’re in the fresh air, turn your face toward the Sun and breathe in deeply, you will feel differently. Depending on your health state after pregnancy and your physical condition, it’s recommended to go jogging or walking. Nordic walking is good for those who have gained excess weight during pregnancy and would like to start slowly, since the technique spares your joints. All three activities are awesome, free and are available 24/7. Sports will „restart“ you.

2. Go Shopping

As your body gets back to its normal shape, it’s time to think about new clothes. If everything you can think about at the moment when going to a mall is buying things for your baby, do it. It’s a very pleasant thing for a mother. And your baby is growing, so it’s a logical thing to do, too. It will let you switch off from domestic chores anyway. And leave the baby at home with a person you trust.

3. Meet a Friend

Take those few hours every Saturday morning (choose another day and time if you want) and meet a friend. Drink (decaf) coffee with whatever your soul feels like. It’s a great way to relax. And if your friend also has a baby, you will have a lot to talk about. You deserve this time off at least once a week. Discuss it with your partner.

4. Go for Your Hobbies

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you must forget about your hobbies for at least a year. Many of them can still stay with you when you go back home from hospital with a baby. Hobbies such as taking photos, baking or handcrafting can do good to you. And another great idea of focusing on things other than home and parenting is doing something totally different, like playing online games. If it’s something for you, then check here for play bingo.

5. Make Plans

It may seem a mockery, but it won’t last very long. Children grow so quickly. Before you know it, your kid will already attend the pre-school. And you will have plenty time for yourself. Think when you would like or should start working again. Plan when you’ll go back to things you love, like playing squash for a team or playing a musical instrument in a band. If you have an aim and a life plan, taking all the baby care and doing household chores won’t be that tough anymore.

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