7 Ways to Control Your Life as a Parent

The biggest problem of a parent is the lack of time. Moms and dads need to learn to combine their schedule with children, be everywhere in time and never miss anything. Besides household duties, work and social life, there is kindergarten, children’s clubs and sections, homework, preparation for various events and children’s performances, as well as tantrums, fights and a lot of things that children bring into our lives. Therefore, parents never get bored. Many think about how to simplify their parenting goals.

They are unlikely to reduce in number, but still you can try to make your life easier.

Plan and schedule all your activities, especially those that are important and urgent

This will prevent you from getting lost amidst the variety of events; you will not forget about any task. Use the way you find most convenient – a paper notebook or an online diary. The main thing is that it should always be at hand.

Keep some foods for quick cooking in the fridge

This saves time for the whole family. Buy or make a supply of fish sticks, pancakes, vegetable sets for soup, broth – and freeze everything. Besides, it is better to buy hygiene products in advance.

Help the kids get accustomed to self-service

It takes much more time to explain this to a two-year-old toddler than to do everything for him. But when the child gets older, his independence will greatly facilitate your life. Children may serve themselves well without parental guidance and assistance. Just let them do it.

Develop a convenient system of storing things

If you put everything in certain places, use containers and boxes, you will be ready with everything much faster, and preparing for something will prove less stressful for everyone.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Throw away everything you have been storing until better times, everything that is broken or out of fashion. Little things just clutter the space around you and create chaos in the room and in your mind.

Get ready for an important tomorrow’s event in advance

Teach yourself and the child to gather the necessary things in the evening not to quarrel in the morning why the schoolbag is not packed yet.

Engage your children in restoring order and cleanliness

If you spend at least 15 minutes every day cleaning and putting things in proper places, you will be able to maintain cleanliness in the home without any bustle. Children can also contribute to cleaning. The older they are, the more duties and household errands they can be trusted.

Make a checklist for going out with children

If you go somewhere with the kids, always pack your bag with water, wet and dry wipes, a small snack, the kid’s favorite toy (in case of sudden whims), and a small first aid kit. If you are going to visit someone or are planning a long walk, take another set of clothes. An album with pencils and a book can be useful in case you have to wait for a long time.

Encourage your child to plan his/her schedule

Not only school tasks, but also major events, clubs, and your errands. Hang a scheduler in a prominent place, where the child will tick the tasks accomplished or the events visited. Such an idea will help you and the child to avoid the rush; you will always know what to prepare.

Do not burden yourself with more than you can bear

Life is getting very complicated, if one person takes on everything. To unload your schedule, outsource some tasks and duties to other family members, including children. When you do not have time and you feel like a hamster on a running wheel, consider whether you really need everything you have planned to accomplish. It is possible that something will have to be deleted from your list, postponed till better times, or delegated to someone.

Learn how to wisely manage your resources and find time for rest

Do not forget that the most valuable thing we can give to our children is time and attention. Use anything to save your time or help you get rid of excessive duties that take away your energy and prevent you from getting the pleasure of communicating with the family.

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