9 Most Important Things Your Kids Must Learn

Parenting is quite a strenuous occupation, being always on the alert and staying patient no matter what. Then, you have to keep pat answers to all possible and impossible questions and have primary school knowledge on your fingertips. Yet, while development is very important, there are life lessons that ought to be learned in good time, and often the sooner the better.


1. Beware of a Stranger

From early days children should be able to be alert for any changes in the familiar surroundings, especially as regards people they don’t know. They must keep clear of any strangers however amiable they may seem, avoid answering their questions and never accept gifts or treats from them. When addressed with a question they should keep away and not enter into an interaction.

2. Deal with a Bully

Bullying, which extends to the Internet socializing nowadays, is growing and embracing more and more children. An able parent ought to recognize the situation when their child is bullied, make him or her open up about it and explain what steps the child can take to escape pressure from the bully.

3. Build up Self-Esteem

It’s far easier to deal with bullying, school stresses and peer pressure if your child is high on self-esteem. Make a point of commending your kids’ successes and achievements both at school and in housework. It won’t prevent them from bouts of moodiness now and again, but it will set them up right in the end.

4. Be on Best Behavior

Good manners should be taught right from the start, beginning with the basic expressions of gratitude and requests. If your child has picked up good manners at an early age, he will learn later to treat adults with due respect and present himself decently in public. Once they have liked to stay polite and reverential, they will be able to keep it up throughout life with benefit for themselves.

5. Learn to Be Responsible

Having chores at home children grow to realize the importance of cleaning up the mess they’ve made, first in their rooms, later in their lives. They should further realize there are consequences of their misbehavior they will have to face and benefits if they have accomplished everything they should – another lesson for life taught at home.

6. Be Aware of the Value of Money

As the child begins to want things by the dozen, he ought to be taught limitations and the value of money. It’s always better when a child understands that he has chores to do and so he can earn money rather than cajole parents for it. Besides, children are supposed to know that money can be saved, amassed and spent after a good consideration of their real needs. You can get a piggy bank for the kid to count the money at times and remember what time and effort went into earning it.

7. Stay Active Physically

Health and physical activity should be invariably encouraged, the more so if your child is overweight. Naturally children deserve all the love parents can give and must learn to accept themselves as they are, but a healthy body is an asset not to be ignored. Don’t let exercise and physical activities become a chore, or even worse, a kind of punishment. Make them exciting and draw all the family members into a game or a roller ride – you could do with some extra exercising, too!

8. Learn not to Judge Those Who are Different

Children never just hate each other for some reasons that are active in an adult society. Racial, sexual prejudice, failure to accept those who are impaired in any way are things we imbibe when we get older. Often the negative attitude is enforced upon our children by peer leaders and pressure from social groups. It’s up to you parents to have your kid understand that all people are different in one way or another and it’s perfectly normal to be different. If one looks deeper one will find that sameness is more important.

9. Be What You are

Children may love to stay at home or to be always surrounded by friends, they may play sports or dabble with paints. They need encouragement and help from us to develop their hobbies and personal traits to grow into socially active, creative and independent individuals. They should be able to follow up on their dreams, discover their abilities and learn what they want to learn.

These are the lessons your child may need most of all, and home is the best place to get them taught. Through tuning the child to the right perspective you can make him a successful and contented person for the rest of his life.

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