How to Become a Good Dad?

Many men are concerned about how to become a good father to their son or daughter. Today, will give some useful tips to the men who understand that fatherhood is not only a great happiness, but a difficult job as well.


A good father is the head of the family

In the ancient times of patriarchate, the father as the head of the family was respected by all its members, starting from the mother and ending with younger children. At that time, men were breadwinners and solved all the important problems. Nothing could have happened in the house without their awareness.

It is unlikely that they wondered how to become a good father to the children in those days: they were more worried about the problem of feeding the large family. And, nevertheless, they were lovely dads only because they provided their families. Such an important part of fatherhood as the ability to provide children has not lost its relevance today.

The man who is in constant financial dependence from his wife a priori cannot be a good father. After all, in such a situation he involuntarily convinces his daughter that a woman should be the head of the family and put this burden on her fragile shoulders.

A son, who is brought up in such a family, is unlikely to grow a real man, who will be able to deal with life difficulties. First of all, a good father is a real man, a breadwinner, the head of the family.

How to become a good father to your son: dad as an example of a man

Any teacher can give a very simple answer to the men’s question about how to bring up a son: the father must begin with himself. After all, the child always copies the behavior of the parents.

If the father is rude talking to other family members and never keeps back his emotions, swears and does absolutely nothing about the house, in the future he will probably be greatly disappointed with the behavior of his grown up son. After all, the child will copy everything that he saw in the family.

Looking at the ill-mannered sons, fathers often experience a heavy sense of shame for them! But they are still unwilling to admit that they are blushing in front of their own reflection. No remarks, punishment, promotion and no other educational method will have such a great result as an example of behavior.

If the father is a man with good manners and solid principles of life, he will be able to raise his son well without any additional methods.

One should always find time for children

Many parents feel remorse for their not being able to spend enough time with their children.

But in reality, in order to be a good father, it is enough to spend about 20 minutes a day with the child. It is not necessary to take your son or daughter to the park, cinema, theater, circus, and so on every weekend. It could be enough to devote just one or two days a month to enrich the family’s cultural life.

Of course, even the busiest dad can find a few minutes every day to play and communicate with the children. Therefore, men who do not know how to be a good attentive father should substitute watching yesterday’s football matches on TV for communicating with the child.

It is important to be patient

Patience is a very important quality, which many fathers lack. Dads, unlike mothers, often cannot resist irritation when the baby starts to be capricious or he/she fails to do something immediately.

In relations with teenagers, the father may quickly lose patience and start a conflict instead of having a normal talk and getting through to the young rebellious soul.

The most common cause of male impatience towards children is the lack of adequate knowledge about the peculiarities of children’s psychology.

While mothers study piles of literature on the child’s psychology, fathers simply observe the behavior of other children and compare them with their own child. Thus, they make a very serious teaching mistake.
In order to be a good, patient father, you just need to realize that many children overcome their deficiencies with time; one just has to patiently wait for this to happen.

How to become a better father to a daughter: the relationship with the little princess

In the upbringing of girls, it is the mother who plays a major role. The growing daughter will inherit her manners and style; she will copy the model of behavior in the family and will see an example of homemaking.

However, it would be wrong to belittle the role of the father in the development of the daughter’s individuality. Dads are responsible for the formation of the girl’s self-esteem. The father is the only man who can convince the little lady she is smart, charming and beautiful. To do this, the father should just say compliments to the child and praise her for any progress in learning, cooking, or other areas of the girl’s interest.

The father’s attitude to the mother is a very important point in the question what it really means to be a good father to the daughter. Of course, the man should treat his wife respectfully and politely. Both parents should remember they must always prevent the child from seeing family conflicts.

Criticism should be constructive

In order to be a good father to the children, it is necessary to know how to criticize them. Your vocabulary should not contain the words offending the personality of your child. If the child fails to do something, you must necessarily encourage him/her and show how to do it correctly.

Many children are afraid of not being able to cope with some business and they refuse to deal with it without parental care. There is no need to get angry at the child and punish him/her for such a fear. You can support the child simply by offering to try and start doing something independently; be sure to promise help in case of a total failure. For example, if a pupil cannot solve simple problems (from the point of view of an adult), do not pin accusations at once and blame the child for not being witty enough. In such a situation you should give some small tips starting with the words “I would try to start with…” or “I think that’s what you can do…” and so on.

In case the problem still cannot be solved, one should explain the right decision to the child on the example of a similar task.

In general, to be a good father to the children means to be a loving father. And love presupposes being helpful, accepting the child’s drawbacks and believing that your child is the best one.

Therefore, all the dads who want to raise good children just need to love them and accept them as they are.

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  1. Napoleon Nalcot

    Nice tips on how to become a good dad. Fatherhood is not about assuming the easy task. It is about taking charge for what’s considered as one of the most important jobs in the world. Becoming a dad is to willingly accept such a heavy role of giving, guiding, providing, and sacrificing everything in order for the family to grow and flourish.

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