Behavioral Peculiarities of 6 Years Old Kids

In the age of 6-7, there comes a crisis in a child’s development. This crisis has a set of behaviors. The child changes his role of the preschooler for the role of a student and reappraises his place in the family and society, thinking about the responsibilities and rights.

Stubborn Kid

What Causes Behavioral Difficulties in 6-Year-Olds?

At preschool age, the child’s main type of activity is game. Through the game, he gets to know the world, social status, rules of conduct, and controls his emotions. Before school, there starts a period when the possibilities of the game have been exhausted. The child decides to become an adult, and there comes a crisis of 6 years.


Being affected and making faces. The child begins to behave unnaturally: his speech and manners have something artificial. Kids copy adults’ behavior to look older.

A pause between an adult’s words and the child’s response

The child delays the answer or the execution of a request and may as well ignore the adult’s words. A child may pretend not to hear the adult, as if the latter wasn’t saying anything.

An argument

The child objects to the adults’ words, begins to argue actively, denying everything the adult says. As an argument in a dispute, the kid equates himself to other family members – for example, he will not go to bed because the father is still awake.


The child does not do what he is asked. In contrast to the argument and pause, he does not give outward signs of resentment. He may even agree, but the promise is not fulfilled.


It is at the age of 5.5-7 that a child manifests this trait. For example, the child is going to wash his hands before eating, he comes into the bathroom, stays there for a while and goes out without washing the hands.


The child argues about the choice of clothes, tends to choose clothes and hairstyle himself.


The child does not forget the parents’ promises. Moreover, he begins to demand keeping these promises.

Child’s Development at the Age of 6

The child becomes interested in outer topics

The kid wonders what politics is, how many planets there are in the space, how life began on the Earth, how people live in other countries, and much more. Any cartoon or movie will cause a lot of questions. Parents must be ready to become experts in all areas of life and science.

The child begins to analyze information

The child himself begins to discuss interesting topics. The kid, in the presence of an adult, makes inferences and waits for the adult’s response to check if he is right. It is important to pay attention to it.

The child becomes independent

The kid has a desire to make something that adults do. If parents allow this, he does so very willingly.

The child takes the initiative

She waters the flowers, tries to cook a meal, draws a card. The little creator need praise from the parents, so he shows all his accomplishments to each member of the family.

The behavioral crisis of 6-7 years coincides with the beginning of school. But it should be understood that adapting to school life and the crisis of 6 years are various phenomena, independent from each other. At this time, parents can raise their authority in the eyes of the child, if they choose the right strategy.

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