How to Detect if Your Child Is Spoiled

Of course children are not born spoiled from day one, it’s upbringing that makes them resort to anti-social ways of behavior. But when they are newly born, we get captivated by their cuteness, dependence on us and innocence, and we want to be the best parents for them – yet this good intention can lead to hell, in this case, spoiling the child and turning him or her into a brat. Even if it is an attractive brat.

Playing with the Kid

What are typical behavior patterns for a brat?

  1. They try to get what they want by crying and shrieking.
  2. They acquire the habit of dropping down on the floor and refusing to budge.
  3. Being addressed, they make out as if they don’t hear.
  4. They are customarily rude to their peers and even to grown-ups.
  5. Being punished or reprimanded, they snarl back and may even attack the person who is trying to control them.
  6. They never share toys or goodies with their peers.
  7. Being in public, they love to show off even if it is done at the expense of other grown-ups or their parents.
  8. They are envious of other children’s possessions and demand the coveted thing, but lose interest in it once they’ve gotten it.
  9. They never want to maintain order in their room and refuse to help their parents to clean out.
  10. When told they should go to bed, they would object strongly.

How can you deal with a spoiled kid’s behavior?

  1. Once they start crying for something, never give it to them, if they persist, deprive them of something they value.
  2. If they throw tantrums and refuse to get up off the floor, get them up and make them go to their room where they will remain until they apologize.
  3. Any attempt at ignoring should be punished at once and the child brought round to apologize.
  4. If they make a scene over sharing things, take the offending thing from them.
  5. Never omit to appreciate their good manners and punish them for bad manners.
  6. Don’t give them the things they want until they have earned a present in some fashion.
  7. If they refuse to do the room, make them stay in until they have tidied up.
  8. Be firm about their going to bed at the appointed time. You may have to stick to the task if they keep getting out, but you ought to show them they have no choice in this matter.
  9. Once they behave themselves and obey you, give them lavish praise and rewards.

Maintain a steady attitude and put down disobedience immediately, rather than having a growing brat around. Thus you will allow them to regain their cuteness and charm.

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