How to Develop Child’s Imagination

Imagination is one of the most basic cognitive processes. In addition to imagination, the arsenal of human cognitive processes includes thinking, memory, and perception. However, imagination is important for the human being because, as we know, it was imagination that enabled the mankind to invent an aircraft, a spaceship, or a car and explain the idea of the big bang theory.

Kids Drawing

Imaginative Play

The parents, who want the child to grow up a creative person, must make every effort to help develop his imagination. There are many ways to develop imagination, but a play proves to be very effective and funny. Through playing, children can dream uncontrollably, and they are not tired of sitting at the table because they can play wherever you spend time together. For example, if you are sitting in the polyclinic in a line to the doctor, it will help you spend the time with some benefit for the child.

Story Telling

You can try to play the “Tell Me a Story” game with the child. The items that are needed for this game can be very diverse: from a handkerchief or a comb to ballpoint pens that are easy to find in any mom’s handbag. Of course, these items should be safe for children. The game is to make up a story with the found objects. You have to start, and then, when the story makes sense and all the items take their place in it, ask your child to complete it by inventing a different adventure. If your child is 3-4 years old, there should be not more than four items included in the invented stories: a large number of items will make it difficult for the child to use them in a story. You can use a different version of the game – you and the child take the items in turn and then tell a story about the already introduced object. The more often you play the game, the better the child will invent stories.

“Create a Life” Game

The next game is called “Create a Life”. It requires only the people who surround you in the park, at the store or on the playground. It’s very simple, and the kids usually like to play and contrive the strangers’ lives. For example, walking in the park, you meet different people: a grandmother and her granddaughter, a grandfather, a young man. Encourage your child to name the people you meet and tell you about their profession, the apartment they live in, and the imaginary family of these people. The child is sure to begin to imagine and guess, but do not chase the people, whose life you are creating. It is enough to look at their face. Similarly, you can think of the life of a dog or a cat sitting on the window sill. At home, you can suggest playing this game, thinking of the lives of people in the pictures, whom the child does not know.

Why Are Story Telling Games So Important for Kids?

The games based on inventing stories can be very different. If your child loves to watch TV programs about space, ask him/her to imagine the invention of a super spaceship, which will reach the remote corners of the universe. If a child loves to hear about dinosaurs, buy him a book with various representatives of the ancient reptiles, and then invent stories about their lives. During the game, the child needs to feel that you are interested in listening to the story and that you are involved in the game because, feeling lack of your attention, the child may refuse playing these games. Stop the game if you notice that the child is tired and has lost interest.

How to Grow a Creative Kid?

The development of a child’s imagination is very active till the age of 15 years, so do not waste time, and your child will grow up with some talent, no matter in what area. Maybe, he/she will be a writer or a quantum physicist.

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