Flight Case & Stroller in One

Sometimes it seems that children are a burden to their parents. It is an adventure to take a small child on a journey with you, unless the happy parents have a new case and stroller, which will place both the kid and all the belongings.


Going on a trip, you need to take a lot of different things. It is not difficult to guess that we need a spacious and comfortable bag in order to pack all the things. Unfortunately, these two qualities not always characterize one and the same object. The journey becomes even more difficult if you want to take a small child with you. It is not very convenient to take a stroller, and in this case the question arises: “What should I do?” The answer is simple: you can pay attention to the Born to Fly Baby case and stroller, which is created as a startup and raises funds on a well-known crowdfunding website.

To begin with, Born to Fly Baby is a bag rather than a stroller. First of all, Born to Fly Baby is a bag for luggage. The first and foremost advantage of the product is its versatility. Depending on the configuration, this can be a backpack, a suitcase, a bag or a suitcase on wheels. Of course, it is best to use the latter option. Changes of the configuration are performed by switching the bag handle from one position to another. It is also possible to change the length of the bag.


Now, it is necessary to tell what a stroller looks like. In fact, there is no stroller as such. This wonderful travel suitcase can be equipped with a specially designed child seat. As a result of this simple transformation, the seat and the suitcase are turned into a stroller. Just imagine that apart from carrying all the loads, the stroller can also take the child!


The child seat is also transformed and fixed in different positions. The child can be sitting, reclining and even lying in the seat. The video above will show you in detail how the product can be used. It goes without saying that a toddler can be safely fastened in the Born to Fly Baby seat.

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